Friday, 30 March 2012

Simply scrumptious crepes and shakes.

I went here on a whim today, and am so glad I did, as I really feel I have discovered something of a hidden foodie gem (and so close to where I live - bye bye low(ish) cholesterol...). Simply Scrumptious really has it all - that is, if you're a crepe enthusiast like myself.  

With a variety of sweet and savoury crepes packed full of unusual ingredients as well as the ability to 'build your own', choosing from a huge range of possible crepe combinations, Simply scrumptious really knows how to tailor to the kid in all of us. Plus, everything they serve is vegetarian (they even have a whole lot of vegan options to choose from), so it means everyone can find something they like here.

I myself forsook completely the option of a savour crepe (who am I kidding?) and went straight for sweet, opting for one of their preconceived crepes rather than constructing my own, as I wanted to see what flavours they thought really went together - although I did take much amusement from a board listing some of the most unusual crepes/milkshakes people had been concocting, including a marmite, feta cheese and oreo pancake and a cheese and jalapeno shake. I opted (after much deliberation) for their 'Nutmeg' crepe, which consisted of marshmallows, vanilla ice cream and a generous sprinkling of nutmeg - all topped off with a drizzle of their chocolate fountain. (Yes, they do have their own chocolate fountain - could they be more perfect?)

I was not disappointed with my choice when it was presented to me, as not only did it look incredible (photo above), but it really tasted amazing too. I won't lie, you need an incredible sweet tooth - which thankfully I was born with - as they really don't hold back on the sugar, but the nutmeg was an unexpected yet gloriously piquant spicy flavour which really helped to cut the sweetness (I still didn't manage to finish the whole thing, leaving me hanging my head in shame whilst my sister flung insults at me...) 

As well as sweet crepes they also offer a variety of savoury ones, from the plain and simple cheese and tomato to the 'love it or hate it' Marmite and cheese, so there's something for you if your sweet tooth isn't quite as developed as mine. 

As well as their crepes their milkshakes are also worth writing home about, as they are wonderfully rich and creamy and come in a variety of exciting flavours such as Fluffy Puppy (chocolate and marshmallow), Simply Nutty (Galazy hazlenut, Peanut M&Ms and chopped hazelnuts) and even one containing crushed up Jammy Dodgers!

Despite a slight blip with the starters (my sister ordered potato latkas and was presented with a single potato latka - no salad, no sauce, no garnish whatsoever, and the latka was slightly burnt) this really is a place worth travelling to. The staff are friendly, the food is exciting and innovative as well as being really flavourful, and the interior is modern, clean and spacious, with futuristic looking circular chairs and a purple-and-yellow colour scheme. Come here with your family and your friends alike - I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. 

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