Monday, 19 March 2012

Johnnie cupcakes.

Being in teeny tiny Durham instead of big bad London for half the year whilst at university means I tend to miss out on things like delicious frozen yoghurt or cutesy cupcakes. That is, until my very very good friends got me a box of Johnnie Cupcakes for my 21st birthday (they know me so well). They are so delicious I am worried for my health/bank balance...

I've had my fair share of cupcakes and therefore feel qualified to make a semi-professional judgement on the quality of these, and, trust me, they're excellent. Not only do they look spectacular and heart-wrenchingly delicious, but they're actually tasty too (the amount of cupcakes I've drooled over only to bite into and find them dry, overly sweet or tasteless is criminally high...). I'm not a massive fan of chocolate cake, as I think they almost always come out dry and tasteless, but, joy-of-joys, Johnnie's Rocky Road cupcake (pictured above) was beautifully moist and rich, with chocolate chips baked into the cake to give it a bit of bite too - perfect. All this followed by a sticky cherry topping and a slathering of marshmallows and chocolate sauce meant I was, well, in heaven. 

The other standout cupcake in the box of four they got me was the chocolate orange. I'm a huge fan of anything chocolate orange, from hot chocolate with orange to a good ol' Terrys egg, and this was a similarly epiphanic experience - the rich chocolate cake was peppered with deep, fresh tasting orange, and a beautifully smooth and creamy orange icing, topped with a sliver of candied orange to give it a bit of a kick (and make it look even more beautiful). Not overly sweet yet not too tangy, it was really excellent. 

The only problem was I chose to eat it in the train on my way back to London, thinking I could restrain myself and eat like a normal human being, but obviously once I had tasted it I couldn't stop myself, devouring pretty much the whole thing in one bite and choking most unattractively whilst the man across from me looked on in horror/fear...

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