Sunday, 1 January 2012

Modello Bar & Kitchen, Watford.

This is one of those rare finds; a place that simply oozes sophistication from the moment you step through the big glass doors, yet provides ample choice of food and drink to suit all appetites and palates, and all for a very reasonable price (not to mention the copious amount of deals they offer).

Modello Bar & Kitchen is definitely an example of an inherently cool place. With its large, well stocked bar, high ceilings and big wooden tables, finished off by mood lighting and an impressive array of background music (they even have a DJ in the evenings), the staff ensure that you're relaxed and enjoying yourself from the moment you take your seats.

Most crucially for me, the food doesn't disappoint. They have a great selection of mains, from pastas and fresh stone baked pizzas designed by the individual customer, to fit-to-bursting paninis, to flavourful and fresh salads, to mouth watering sharing platters - you can really guarantee that even the fussiest of eaters is going to find something they enjoy here.

As you know I am unable to commit to one choice when so many delicious ones are presented to me, hence the decision to get the Modello Deli Sharing Platter;
cheddar, salad, apple and onion chutneys, bread, butter, Parma ham and a whole baked Camembert ensured that we were not left hungry, and I am most pleased to report that everything was delicious. The perfectly pink salty Parma ham provided the ideal contrast to the sweet chutneys, and the Camembert was so creamy that I found my fork scraping the sides of the container for any forgotten cheese almost of its own accord. Plus the bread allowed you to mop up any leftovers and ensure you presented the waitress with a completely clean player - I like to look at this as making their job easier.

Modello also offers a great range of drinks, although deserve special mention for their cocktails, particularly the ice cream cocktails which go down an absolute treat and can be purchased instead of, or as well as, dessert. The F.B.I (frozen black Irish) is perfect for winter, despite being a cold beverage, as the flavours are classically Christmassy - two scoops of vanilla ice cream mixed with vodka, kahlua and - you guessed it - a healthy dose of Baileys. The result is a gorgeously creamy and rich drink that had me sucking my straw in a most unladylike fashion to ensure I got every last drop from my glass.

So there you have it. I left the restaurant feeling happy, full, and just a little bit merry, convinced that my cool points had definitely increased due to my visit. All in all, one very satisfied customer.

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